Life is more transcendent than you ever imagined possible.

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  • RIP in Peace four day weekends I’m a real student now.

    RIP in Peace four day weekends I’m a real student now.

  • Anonymous asked: What's wrong with everything else that John Stewart says?

    He’s a sensationalist. Although he does do a very good job pointing out many examples of mass ignorance and downright stupidity, he does a rather shit poor job with fairly portraying both sides of the controversy, often relying on humorous straw man arguments and ad hominem. Considering he’s such a politically partisan journalist, his actions really infringe on intellectual social discourse.

    And of course, being the hyper-liberal community that Tumblr is, everyone here eats that shit up without a second thought. But at the end of the day, I’d still rather listen to Jon Stewart any day over Fox News.

  • This simulation places you in a scenario in which you’re an unemployed, single parent. You can choose one of three minimum wage jobs and try to survive a month. Growing up without much money myself, I found it fairly easy to sacrifice a few amenities and survive the month with spare change.

    What really got to me during this simulation was the costs of raising a child. I never had the money to purchase expensive brand name items or obtain the newest technology, but we always had enough where I could attend most field trips (having to miss my senior trip to Europe still stings a little from time to time, and my family being unable to afford the plane tickets to Korea stings even more) and attend my friend’s birthday parties with a gift in my hand.

    But can you imagine how difficult it would be coming back from your grueling 8 hour workdays only to find your kid crying because he was bullied for receiving free lunches from the school? Having to ignore ailments because you can’t afford the treatments? With parents that haven’t had insurance to get their needed check-ups for years until Obamacare, that one hit home pretty hard.

    Looking back, I have had every reason to hate the world for putting me in the situation I was in. From food stamps to coupons to free lunches to financial aid to privileged right-wing conservatives telling me every painful aspect of my life was my own damn fault, it’s been a rough road. But for every thorn in my side and in my heart, I’ve been constantly reminded of the innumerable blessings and immeasurable love that I have been surrounded by. And it’s actually big deal that I’m even typing this for everyone to see.

    Try out the game yourself. See if you can make it.

    Even if you do, it’ll still teach you a thing or two.

  • Anonymous asked: are you gay?

    No. Why do people keep asking me this?

  • The Narratives of a Hidden Village: Deconstructing the Power Dynamics of the Cold War

    In a remote village hidden in the mountains, the sun always shines bright. The air is always crisp, and the fields are always plentiful. The villagers are always friendly, and they are always diligent. This place is the very manifestation of an idealized romance of a simpler people living in a simpler society. This village is called Dongmakgol.

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  • Okay so I noticed I haven’t posted about my life in a while, so let me do that really quickly to the negative two and a half of you that care.

    1. Took a Megabus to Washington DC. Waited in the freezing rain for an hour which was absolutely fucking horrible. Talked to a cute guy from Duke which was nice.

    2. Getting from DC to Baltimore was a shit show. Couldn’t figure out their trains. The train broke down twice. I fell down the stairs in the train and bruised myself and shattered my phone.

    3. Baltimore was fun. Visited my friend at Hopkins. Played a drinking game while watching The Princess Bride. Went to a museum and drew a really unflattering portrait of my friend. Took a tour of downtown Baltimore. Met my friend’s lesbian roommate.

    4. Bused up to NY. Chilled at home and ate a lot of really good food. Mama Jeong knows what’s up. Had a lot of work to do but I didn’t do it because fuck that shit.

    5. Visited my high school. I was validated of my opinion that I did not miss high school. I got to meet some good friends and cool teachers, which was nice I guess.

    6. Took a bus to Philly. Visited my friend at Villanova. Just drank a lot constantly (more than I have ever done before) and was a complete fucking mess. Still had a lot of fun. Learned a lot of fun drinking games. Came to the conclusion that all colleges could use more attractive gay guys.

    7. Took a bus back to NY. I ate at Shake Shack. It was delicious. Then had dinner with my parents and talked about life and whatnot. They were worried because my brother didn’t have a girlfriend. I told them that my friend had a lesbian roommate, just to see what they might potentially think of me. Results were not positive. Oh well.

    8. Plane got delayed six times before being finally cancelled. The lady who rescheduled my flight was really nice though. Met a girl from Duke on the plane. She was a Tri Delta and a Mechanical Engineer. You don’t see that every day. She was cool I guess.

    I sincerely hope you all enjoyed this dynamic update on my life.

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    Every POC got this lesson.

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